Woollen Kilim Bejewelled Design-Aquamarine & Amber Red


Buy Silk Rug in Aquamarine & Amber Red colour woven in classic bejewelled design from India Craft Bazaar

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Wollen Rug in Bejewelled Design-Aquamarine & Amber Red

Woollen area rugs are an epitome of luxury and fine aesthetics. These rugs are made with higher knot density , because of which it needs more hard work and craftsmanship in part of the weavers. Not many artisans are capable to produce a fine woollen area rugs and those who can, would take lot of time to make one. Because of these limitations, woollen area  rugs are generally costlier than wool tufted of same size and design. The beauty of a woollen are rug is unmatched. Woollen area rugs have a fine, shiny finish to them and their additional knot count also adds to the time/effort put into their creation and how they feel to the touch. Because pure wool is very expensive, hence, often silk and wool is combined together to weave rugs. Bamboo silk is another viscose fibre, produced from bamboo. These are also naturally smooth and shining, but more durable. Apart from natural silk and bamboo silk, art silk is also used in weaving. Art silk looks and feels similar to silk but is much cheaper material

What’s Special about our wollen area rugs

India Craft Bazaar wollen area rugs are made in stunning designs, where deep, contrasting coloured threads are used so as to give a bejewelled effect. These rugs are most suitable for private collections

Care & Maintenance Tips

Please follow these simple guidelines to keep your silk area rugs and carpet in good clean, in good shape and last long.

  1. Vacuum Cleaning: Regular vacuum cleaning is the best way to keep rugs clean and without odour or allergens as a result of daily use, in fact, it’s one of the best things you can do to keep your rug looking fine and protected from stains.  Vacuuming also helps polish the wool — giving it lustre and sheen and natural stain resistance.
  2. Spill Removal: The best way to remove spills is to act as and when it happens. Soak the spilled liquid off with an absorbent cloth, microfibre cloth, or if nothing is available, put lots of face tissues or paper napkins on it. Once the liquid has been absorbed, the remaining spot can be gently wiped. In case there is need to use soap; follow this rule of thumb; if you can’t use the soap on yourself, don’t use it on the rug.
  3. Protect from Direct Sunlight: Ultra violet rays in sunlight reacts with the natural dyes of the fibre and makes rugs look fade (sun burnt). Hence, make sure rugs and carpets are not exposed to direct sunlight, use curtains or if the rug is being used outdoor, cover it with a used bed sheet during the time of the day when direct sunlight falls on it.
  4. Trimming & Shaping: Foot traffic and heavy furniture can change the texture of your carpets and rugs.  Shag carpeting, for example, can experience “blooming” caused by the untwisting or opening of the yarns.  You can use scissors to clip “tufts” that extend above the rest of the carpet pile, but never pull them out (if they have been pulled out, use a crochet needle to work them back into the backing of the carpet.  You can also use scissors to remove piling; the formation of those tiny balls of fuzz on top of carpeting, and shading can sometimes be temporarily corrected by vacuuming in the same direction.
  5. Keep safe from moisture and water: Moisture and water are very bad for all sorts of carpets and rugs, especially the tufted carpets, because water can accumulate under the backing, thereby creating mould growth, which will also damage floorings. If you suspect any wet part in your carpet, immediately reverse it to see if there is accumulated water underneath. You can use desiccators available in market to keep near or under carpets to absorb moisture.
  6. Storage: The Best way to store carpets is to first cover the top with an old bed sheet and then roll it up so that the bed sheet remains inside. Never try to fold a rug or carpet (unless it is flat cotton dhurrie) as this may permanently damage its stricture
  7. Annual Cleaning: All knotted and tufted rugs, including flat weave Kilims, need a professional cleaning once in a year. In warm countries, woollen rugs are replaced with cotton rugs during summer and opposite in winter. Before storing the rugs for next season, it is recommended that it is professionally cleaned, properly rolled up and then stored with mothballs inside a sufficiently airtight cover (a plastic sheet wrapped tightly around the roll)

Rugs’ Trivia

The most famous area rug of history was the famous garden carpet, the Bahār-e-Kasrā (Springtime of Khosro) . Made during the reign of Khosro-I  (531 – 579 AD) the carpet was enormous, measuring 400’ x 100’ and weighing several tonnes. The carpet was called the Spring of Khosro because it represented, in silk, gold, silver, and jewels, the splendour of flowering spring. It was also called the Winter carpet because it was used in bad weather, when real gardens were unavailable. As such, it symbolised the king’s power to command the return of the seasons.

Additional information

Additional information

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Amber, Aquamarine



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