Floor Art Carpet; Floral Bouquet


Carpets woven as a painting; The Floor Art Collection

These carpets are made from high quality wool and viscose material. The painting design has been painstakingly woven (not printed) by the master craftsmen, which makes this carpet an unique collectible item for the connoisseurs. Bring one to your home and impress with its beauty and uniqueness.

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Carpets from India Craft Bazaar

Indian woollen area rugs from our range are made from finest quality of materials such as Lamb wool from New Zealand or Viscose with a tough cotton backing. These are handwoven in Cut-pile technique, which gives it a soft velvety finish.

Recommended Applications

The  less traffic areas of your home or office; such as bedroom, alcove etc are suitable for Carpets. Carpets are to be vacuumed regularly for cleaning accumulated dust and other small items and at least once in a year, to be cleaned by a professional cleaner. Any spills on carpets to be immediately cleared with an absorbent material such as dry cotton cloth, paper napkin etc.

What’s Special about our Floor Art Range

Our range of Indian woollen area rugs, called Floor Art carpets are artistically created by master artisans. The carpet is woven in such way that it looks like a painting, although it has not been painted. The magic is in the exquisite weaving technique which makes these carpets a piece of art.

There are different kinds of painting effects created on carpets, such as Lover’s gaze, Sunset, Flower Garden etc.

Care & Maintenance Tips

Please follow these simple guidelines to keep your Indian woollen area rugs and carpet in good clean, in good shape and last long.

  1. Vacuum Cleaning: Regular vacuum cleaning is the best way to keep rugs clean and without odour or allergens as a result of daily use.  A vacuum with a spinning beater bar is fine, in fact it’s one of the best things you can do to keep your rug looking fine and protected from stains.  Vacuuming also helps polish the wool — giving it lustre and sheen and natural stain resistance.
  2. Spill Removal: The best way to remove spills is to act as and when it happens. First soak the spilled liquid off with an absorbent cloth, microfibre cloth or if nothing is available put lots of face tissues or paper napkins on it. If you feel the need to use soap, best rule of thumb, if you can’t use it on yourself, don’t use it on the rug. 
  3. Protect from Direct Sunlight: Ultra violet rays in sunlight reacts with the natural dyes of the fibre and makes rugs look fade (sun burn). Hence, make sure rugs and carpets are not exposed to direct sunlight, use curtains or if the rug is in outdoor, cover it with an used bedsheets during the time of the day when direct sunlight falls on it
  4. Foot traffic and heavy furniture can change the texture of your carpets and rugs.  Shag carpeting, for example, can experience “blooming” caused by the untwisting or opening of the yarns.  You can use scissors to clip “tufts” that extend above the rest of the carpet pile, but never pull them out (if they have been pulled out, use a crochet needle to work them back into the backing of the carpet.  You can also use scissors to remove piling ,the formation of those tiny balls of fuzz on top of carpeting, and shading can sometimes be temporarily corrected by vacuuming in the same direction.
  5. Keep safe from moisture and water : Moisture and water are very bad for all sorts of carpets and rugs, especially the piles and tufted carpets, because water can accumulate under the backing, thereby creating mould growth and also damage floorings. If you suspect any wet part in your carpet, immediately reverse it to see if there is accumulated water underneath. Once can use desiccators available in market to keep near or under carpets to absolve moisture
  6. Storage: Best way to store carpets is to first cover the top with an old bed sheet and then roll up. Never try to fold a rug or carpet (unless it is flat cotton rug) as this may permanently damage its stricture

Carpet Trivia

Carpets and Rugs are frequently interchanged; meaning the same kind of floor covering. However the American floor covering industry argues that the difference between a “rug” (related to the words “rag” and rough”) and a “carpet” is strictly a matter of size. Any piece smaller than 40 square feet is considered a rug while anything larger is a carpet. According to the American carpet industry, then, the “flying carpet” or “magic carpet” is technically a rug.

The oldest surviving carpet is the celebrated Pazyryk carpet, which is over 2,000 years old. It was found in the 1940s in a Scythian tomb in southern Siberia.

Additional information

Additional information

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Dimensions 198.12 × 137.16 × 3 cm



Cotton, Viscose

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