Cotton Bedsheets in Hand Block Print-Moroccan Wave


Cosy Comfort hand block printed cotton bedsheets with 2 pillow covers

Cotton Bedsheets are your best bed buddy! After a hard days work, there is nothing like crushing into the soft, warm feeling of fine textured cotton on your bed. Buy from our exquisite range of pure cotton handloom bedspread, hand block printed  in natural colours.

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Cosy Comfort hand block printed cotton bedsheets

Cotton Bedsheets are your best bed buddy! After a hard days work, there is nothing like crushing into the soft, warm feeling of fine textured cotton on your bed.

Cotton is a pure, natural material, and this means that when woven into a bedding set it makes the fabric breathable. Every night your body temperature changes as you fall asleep. This often results in waking up hot, sticky, and desperate for some cool air

Why handloom is the best?

The handloom creates soft, comfortable and durable fabrics because of human handling of the yarn in the weaving process. Since it is handled by hand, the  yarn and the fabric are much less stressed and damaged. Hand woven cotton is known for its breathability as compared to mill made cotton. This implies that it allows more air penetration making it cooler, softer and more absorbent. It keeps you cooler in summers and warm in winters.

What is hand block print?

Hand block printing or wood block printing is an ancient process of printing designs on fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen with natural colours and an an incised wooden block.

How old is hand block printing?

As in, the case of weaving and embroideries, specimens of printed stuffs have of recent years been obtained from disused cemeteries in Upper Egypt (Akhmim and elsewhere) and tell us of Egypto-Roman use of such things. Some few of them are now lodged in European museums. For indications that earlier Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were likely to have been acquainted with the process, one has to rely upon less certain evidence. Of textiles painted by Egyptians there are many actual examples. Apart from these there are wall paintings, e.g., those of Beni Hasan (c. 2200-1800 BC) which depict Egyptian people wearing costumes irregularly patterned with spots, stripes and zigzags, which may have been more easily stamped than embroidered or woven. A rather more complicated and orderly pattern well suited to stamping occurs in a painting about 1320 BC, of Hathor and King Meneptha I. Herodotus, referring to the garments of inhabitants of the Caucasus, says that representations of various animals were dyed into them so as to be irremovable by washing.

When Alexander invaded India in 327 BC, there were reportedly block-printed textiles produced there (Wikipedia)

Handling & Wash Care

  1. Hand wash in cold water with mild soap, hang to dry and press with a dry iron.
  2. During the first time wash, fabrics may shed a mild coat of colour. This is quite natural and not about colour fastness. Hence, always wash separately hand block print cotton fabrics
  3. Dry preferably in shade with inside out
  4. Never use harsh detergents or fabric enzymes.
  5. Always store in dry place, preferably with other cotton items and mothballs
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Additional information

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