Why India Craft Bazaar ?

India Craft Bazaar is a reputed online brand promoting India’s unique arts and crafts to local and global markets. India has more than 300 unique items, which are protected by Geographical Indication (G.I) copyright. However, in absence of effective
marketing, the authentic craftsmen and women are not able to sell their product, and what buyers buy are mostly counterfeit and imitation products made in factories. This way, not only buyers get cheated by unscrupulous sellers, but also the genuine artisans loose money and livelihood and remain poor.

India Craft Bazaar source directly from artisans. So our products are authentic and certified and very competitively priced. We are specialised in Ethnic Home Furnishing Products such as Carpets, Rugs, Drapes, Terracotta and Artefacts.

Is Home Furnishing Business Profitable ?

Home Furnishing is one of the fastest growing retail category in India, this is because;

  • Big Market: Home furnishing products market in India is 12 Lakh Crores
  • Less Competition: Less ‘Big Brands” in market. 84% of market is unorganised
  • Increasing Demand: Good Interior Design is increasingly becoming popular among
    young millennial families, small businesses and professionals

Advantage of becoming India Craft Bazaar Franchisee

Franchisee is one of the most successful business model for the first time entrepreneurs. By becoming franchisee, entrepreneurs get support from the brand, marketing and many other operational issues, which is managed by the Franchisor, leaving the entrepreneurs free to focus on marketing and business development.
India Craft Bazaar Franchisee Program is designed to help small and first time entrepreneurs to become successful business in shortest possible time. Our advantages are;

  • Less Investment: Home Furnishing business can be started with little investment as unlike many other franchisee businesses, you don’t need to invest lot of money in making infrastructure available such as renting shop in a shopping mall or renting a building for a play school, buy expensive machinery for food business etc.
  • Online Marketing Support: Our online e-commerce portal gets thousands of visitors everyday. We spend lot of money in digital marketing. All these visitors, are potential customers for our franchises as we refer our online visitors to our franchisees to see, touch and feel our products before buying. Thus each of our franchisee gets assured support
  • Both B2B & B2C Business Opportunities: Many franchisee options are only business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C). However home furnishing business can be both; You can sell to individual customers coming to your shop or can get bulk order from businesses and offices such as hotels, home stays, offices etc. by contacting and co-working with interior decorators and architects

Franchisee Options


Suitable for housewives or retired persons who want to earn financial freedom and be engaged in some interesting works, without taking any financial risk. You can work from your home and may not need commercial tax registration* etc. It works like this;

  • Franchisees don’t need to keep inventory, a package of products are given to the franchisee for demonstration purpose
  • Franchisees use their social network or leads sent by company to invite prospective buyers for a demonstration of our home furnishing products in real life mock up at their home.
  • Customers are sold directly by company (no worry of tax liability* or payment collection and delivery) while franchisee earns commission on each sales.
  • Possible to breakeven in 6 months*


Suitable for existing retailers having a retail shop or someone who wants to enter in retailing business. We do complete in-shop branding and also feature each retailer in our e-commerce portal as Authorised Retail Showroom with location on map and
contact details. Moreover, Retail Showrooms are also promoted by company for the localised marketing campaigns. It works like this;

  • Franchisee need to keep inventory
  • Franchisee to sell directly to customers and manage collection, delivery etc..
  • Company promoted franchisee through website and digital marketing and in-shop promotions. Company can also help you in creating your unique product line.
  • Company provides centralised customer support to all its franchisees
  • Company provides sales support for business to business (B2B) leads brought in by franchisee (e.g. bulk contract or interior designing projects etc.)
  • Possible to breakeven in 6 months*


Suitable for entrepreneurs and businesses who wants to expand their footprint. Master Franchisees can create network of franchises under them as well as co-create brands along with India Craft Bazaar. Master franchisee are treated as equal business partner of India Craft Bazaar and works on profit sharing basis*

How to Become India Craft Bazaar Franchisee

Please fill up the below mentioned form and send it to us. Our Franchisee Advisor will
contact you and have a detailed business planning together with you. Thereafter, you will be given a brief training on home furnishing business basics such as fashion trends, interior designing, digital marketing etc. Post this, you will sign a franchisee contract and start your business by paying the Franchisee Fee, which is “Fully Refundable”*


Preferred Mode of Communication EmailPhoneBoth

* Terms & Conditions apply. Please study franchisee documents carefully and discuss with India Craft Bazaar authorised persons to understand and clarify all terms and conditions.